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Play and Design of Computer-Assisted Historical Miniatures Wargames

This page links to articles regarding the use of the various game systems listed on this site, and some thoughts on the design possibilities offered to us through the use of computers in our wargaming. The list of articles will be extended as I have time. If you would like to have an article you have written published here, or if you have one which I can link to, and it is topic-appropriate, please write to me.

    Wargames Design: Some Thoughts on the User Experience: This is just a thought-piece inspired by reading various threads on The Miniatures Page concerning computer-assisted miniatures wargames. I think there are some lessons there for both game designers and those considering venturing into this aspect of the hobby.

    Design Approaches for Computer-Assisted Games: Here is my attempt at describing some of the design approaches I have seen (and used) in various computer-assisted miniatures wargames at the tactical level. This is a topic which gets a bit exploratory, as computers throw the doors wide open when it comes to what is possible.

    Computer-Assisted Wargames: This is a re-publishing of an article I wrote in the 1990s when I developed my first program to conduct tabletop wargames. I had just gotten a Windows CE machine - they were new then - it was the size and weight of a brick. By today's standards it was huge, but back then it seemed elegant and light - and I could use it to wargame! Even though my old site is now extinct, this article still makes a good argument for why using computers to play miniatures games makes sense.

    Computers and Solo Wargaming: An Example: In playtesting a computer-assisted system I am developing for skirmish-level action in the Peninsular War, it occurred to me that I was 'solo' wargaming. To illustrate how computers might help in this activity, I have published a beta version of the game. Check it out.

    A Minimalist Approach to Computer-Assisted Design: The "Wargames Calculator": Here's an experiment in making a simple program for fast-play grand-tactical Franco-Prussian War battles. It shows what a minimal approach to computer-assisted games design might look like (the game is also available - links are at the bottom of the page).

    Will Technology Kill Miniatures Wargaming? This is an opinion piece about the impact of technology on our hobby, triggered by Bodley-Scott's infamous interview with wargamer.com a couple of years back.

    An Interview with Nigel P. Marsh of Carnage & Glory: Nigel Marsh was willing to answer a few questions about his popular computer-assisted wargames system, including a discussion of its history, design, and future developments. Great stuff!

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